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The Face of Your Company | Customer Service Experience

At the Home Service Institute, we talk a lot about the Technician being “the face of your company”.  So, let’s talk about why we believe this…  Think about the Customer Service Experience your customer has with your company from the time they communicate a request for service to the time they pay you for that service.  We call this the Customer Service Path.  They will interact with at least two, but maybe as many as six (or more!) people you employ.

Customer Service Experience

So first, just from an “amount of time spent with each person” standpoint, your Technician is the one that will spend the most time with your customer, solving their problem and/or getting the work done.  Your customer may remember the polite voice of the person they scheduled the work with or the nice person they saw who sent them an estimate, but they will be most impacted by the Technician for the next reason…

Your Tech is the only person in your company who can physically show your customer respect.  They respect the customer’s property, their home – usually the most valuable asset in their portfolio; by using drop clothes and shoe coverings, by being aware of their children and pets, and by keeping neat work areas that look as good as, if not better than, they looked before the work started.  And they respect the customer’s time by keeping organized tool and materials compartments, and by demonstrating efficiency through that organization, and the skills they have in doing their work deliberately, without wasting time.  

And finally, people are just simply impressed by other people who work with their hands… who do things that they can’t!  Are you not impressed by someone who can play a musical instrument well when you can’t?  Or someone who can sketch, or sculpt, or fly a plane!

So, that’s why we say your Tech is the face of your company.  The one employee who has the greatest chance to leave a positive impact on your Customer’s Experience.  Certainly, all of your employees are doing their best to deliver on their part in the Customer Service Path, but it’s the Tech who becomes memorable to your customer for these reasons.  Your customer might not remember the Tech’s name in coming months or even years, but they will remember to call your company again… and it will be because of that employee. 

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