The Technician And The Customer Experience Script

When we provide in-home service to a customer, the responsibilities of our Technician can be divided into four stages, no matter the business we’re in.

First, they have to plan and prepare for the work ahead… materials are gathered, tools are readied, a work order is reviewed for the tasks and the timing of the arrival is mapped out.  Second, they arrive at the house to start, which includes meeting the customer, going over the work at hand and usually other details of the visit such as awareness of pets or children and where work and materials areas will be.  Third, they do the work.  And in this stage, they may encounter obstacles or changes to the work.  And fourth, they complete the transaction.  This involves clean-up, a walk-through of the work, payment collection and ensuring the customer is totally satisfied.

Our tech is 100% responsible for all these stages in the customer service path.  And most of our techs think that the bulk of their “job” is in the Work in Process stage.  And from a time perspective, it usually is.  But we want them to understand that from a customer experience perspective, the view is very different.

Because 1):  All of the customer’s experience only accounts for about 80% of the tech’s responsibility.

And 2):  The customer’s experience actually has very little to do with the work being done… because they expect that it will be done correctly.  And customers understand that that expectation comes with a certain time frame.  

The bulk of the customer experience, therefore, comes from their other expectations, like

  • Showing up on time and calling ahead
  • Respecting their property and space
  • Working as a professional
  • Listening to them and answering their questions, and
  • Respecting their time

So, we want to make sure that our Tech understands this concept.  We certainly want them to provide the highest quality in performing their work tasks because that is the basis for their job.  But we also want them to shift their perspective and focus on the importance of the customer’s perception in order to provide a customer experience at 100 and 10 percent.

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The Home Service Institute

5865 Oakbrook Parkway, Suite F. 
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