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Our Process for Customer Service Training

How We Build a Strong Culture

All Training needs to have three components:

1) Customer Experience (Home Service Institute)

2) Operational Processes (your company)

3) Technical Training (your industry)

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How it Happens

When you come to our team for customer service training near Atlanta, GA, we want you to have the utmost confidence in our program. After we establish your current needs through a 30-minute conversation, we’ll come up with your Success Plan.  It will identify the Training lessons (we call Modules) in your Plan to train with.  We’ll help you set the order and timing of the Modules and how you deliver them.  Each Module starts with a 4-5 minute Story.  Then, a short break.  Then, we translate the Story into a Message (talking point) to address your objective, again, about 4-5 minutes. Click on the video above “Call the Ball” to see what a full module looks like.  Below are the messages we address through the stories.  You’ll see our current core modules as well as some other topic modules which may be useful based on your needs.

Don't Wait to Invest in Customer Service Training for Your Team

Customer service training is a huge boon to the members of your team and to your business as a whole. And when you want to invest in the best customer service training near Atlanta, GA, there’s only one team you should call. At The Home Service Institute, we prioritize teaching through stories and real-world scenarios. When you entrust your team’s training to us, there’s no doubt you’ll see results almost immediately.

Our Training Process

Our Stories

Our module stories have names!  The free module you have viewed above is named “Call the Ball”… that’s the STORY name.  The MESSAGE of this story is that your Technician will understand when they take responsibility for the customer.  Below is a short list of some of the names of our stories… we hope it sparks a little of your interest!

Our Blueprint

Our Blueprint
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